East Van to Elsewhere is a Podcast, travel log all around portal into my life.

I started this website at the beginning of 2018, just before leaving on a trip to Japan. This was a transitional year for me, time I’d taken off school to really hone in on what I want to accomplish with my life.

Partnering with Vancouver Co-Op Radio 100.5 FM, we began pulling this project together back in April. The purpose of this Podcast is to share stories from Vancouver and around the world (from East Van to Elsewhere). You’ll hear from people I’ve either sought out specifically, or bumped into through pure coincidence. Some of these conversations have been arranged by you, my friends.

Ian Hunter
The Founder of East Van to Elsewhere, Ian is a traveler, master of odd-jobs, and student of Anthropology.  Stumbling into the world of media in the summer of 2018, Ian volunteers at Vancouver Co-Op Radio. You can generally find him halfway up a mountain, or drinking coffee in the many parks off Commercial Drive.

Cody Herridge
Cody is the (retired) sound engineer for Elsewhere. Former pro-skater, Cody now fills his time with the mastering strategy games, and the production of electronic music. You can find him on SoundCloud @ Bitcrack, or in your local pub during Happy Hour.