Pylon Radio Episode #2

Pylon Radio is back on the air! Home at it’s brand new time – Tuesdays @ 12pm (noon) PST. Had a lot of fun this week, playing more local music than the first round, as well as the usual punk / experimental section. Hope ya’ll enjoyed it! If you have any song requests you’d like to hear on air, please reach out to me at

Stay safe, see ya’ll next week.

Another Log on the Fire


Earlier this morning Bernie Sanders dropped out of the 2020 presidential race.

Another log tossed on this dumpster fire of a year.

Its tempting to feel depressed, given whats going on in the world.

Sometimes it feels like its never going to get better.

But you know what they say,

“If you’re going through Hell… Keep going.”

It is going to get better.

You and I are going to make it better.

By teaching our children (and each other).

By supporting young leaders.

And focusing on the people and ideas we LOVE.

Instead of leaders who feed on fear and hatred.