Pylon Radio Episode #1

Hey all. This week was the premier of my brand new project, Pylon Radio. Hosted on Vancouver CoOp 100.5 FM @ 11am Thursdays,  Pylon Radio features an eclectic mix of music I enjoy, along with some hopefully-not-too-indulgent asides where I talk about music, life and whats going on in the world. Eventually we’ll be having guest hosts on to share the space, but for now we are taking REQUESTS! If you have a song or topic you’d like to hear about, please shoot an email to

Thanks for your love and support everyone. Today felt amazing. Even if you’ve already done a podcast, theres something really special about being broadcast through the air.

Radio is magic.

Elsewhere Episode #10 – Rob Wood (Mountaineer / Author)

I recorded this episode in January, which feels like a different world looking back now. I suspect not too much has changed for Rob Wood however, who has been living ‘physically distant’ from mainstream society for the past 45 years. An architect by training, Rob and his wife Laurie have built their home from the ground up, immersed in nature on the remote cliffs of Maurelle island. They generate their own electricity and grow much of their own food. They live the life that so many of us dream about.

So, how did they do it? Find out in the link below.

Elsewhere Episode #9 – Claudio Ekdahl (Political Justice Activist / Chilean Uprising)

Haunted by a dictatorial past & rising social inequality, for the past several months Chile has been a nation in conflict. To understand whats going on, we spoke to Chilean refugee and political justice activist Claudio Ekdahl.

Having grown up under Chile’s military dictatorship, Claudio understands first-hand the realities of organizing resistance under a hostile state, and the challenges faced by this new popular movement – fighting for economic equality against one of the most well-funded militaries in South America.

(Cover Photo by Esteban Felix, Associated Press)

Elsewhere Episode #8 – Javier Badillo (Musician / Director)

This month on Elsewhere we sit down with filmmaker and musician, Javier Badillo.

We talk global displacement, punk rock, and his new film ‘Roads Of Ithriyah’. It centres on a Syrian fighter who, during a roadside bomb attack, loses all memory of himself, and of the war he’s fighting.

Elsewhere Episode #6 – Murray Siple (Carts of Darkness)


Carts of Darkness is a radically honest film that explores the relationship between poverty and extreme sport, disability with invisibility, and hilarity with some very hard truths about the world we share.

We sat down with director Murray Siple to discuss how it all started, and where he’s come since then.

P.S – If you liked the music by Pat The Bunny, here’s another track, recorded on the same night as Free and Alone.


Elsewhere Episode #5 – Jeremy Allan (Author / Journalist)

Jeremy Allen Cover

Jeremy Allan has led quite the life, and luckily he’s had the good sense to write much of it down. Leaving Vancouver in ’79 Jeremy soon found work in Indonesia as journalist, covering such major events as the ’98 Suharto Riots and the Bali Bombings.

His new book “One Man Air-force” details the life of Bob Freebird, an American pilot who’s exploits smuggling opium and diplomats were instrumental in the fight to free Indonesia from its Dutch colonial masters.

Note: We had some major technical difficulties editing this one, which is why it took so long to put out. New episodes are on the way!