Elsewhere Podcast Episode #1 – Elena (Anthropologist)

Alright folks, well as you can probably gather, East Van To Elsewhere is now a Podcast! This is a project born from our desire to build a platform for all the interesting people who live or pass through Vancouver. We’ll be talking with authors, activists, academics, poets, scientists, film-makers and just about anyone with a pulse who we think you’ll be interested in hearing.

The structure of the show is evolving, but right now we’re attempting to delivering one new episode around the 1st of every month. Our guest for this pilot episode of Elsewhere is none other than my friend Elena.


Elena is an anthropologist who specializes in the study of far-right politics. Having just recently completed her dissertation project in Ukraine, we discussed the current Russo-Ukrainian war, the history leading up to it, and where it may go from here.

As promised in the intro, this is the infamous Dairy Queen commercial featuring our beloved sound engineer Cody. He’s the one in grey, doing all the actual tricks.

As previously mentioned, we would appreciate that you keep your marriage requests to a minimum, as Cody is currently involved in a loving and functional relationship (they even have a pet hedgehog!)

If you enjoyed the closing music, here’s another beautiful, less upbeat song by DakhaBrakha. Fair warning though, it’s absolutely haunting (made even more so once you’ve learned the regions history), and when I saw them live at Folk Fest there was scarcely a dry eye in the house. Also, the psychedelic fan-made music video is quite a trip.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed our 1st episode! We’re currently in the process of getting it hosted on Apple Podcast and all your other RRS feed based services, so look for it there in the coming weeks. Until then, find it right here at EastVanToElsewhere.com

Catch you next month.


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