Elsewhere Episode #11 – Matthew Jefferson (Indigenous Activist / The Walk to Remember)

I first met Matthew Jefferson in Montreal, back in 2019. His journey across Canada – a walking distance of 8275 km, started in response to his aunt’s disappearance in 2017, another Indigenous woman taken along British Columbia’s infamous highway of tears. Since then, Matthew @forever_becoming has become an important figure in the fight for justice among missing and murdered Indigenous women, and a speaker whose story I’m honoured to share on the podcast today.

Featuring music by Nwe Jinan – http://nwejinan.com/
Rory Taillon – http://www.rorytaillon.com/
and Dylan Mcnulty – https://soundcloud.com/dylanmcnulty/

The Ontario Native Women’s Association – https://www.onwa.ca/
The Walk to Remember – https://www.facebook.com/The-Walk-to-Remember-1646132965421716

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