Northern Voyage & Upcoming Episode Announcement

Last last month, I was invited to spend three days in Witset BC, interviewing Wet’suwet’en activist Matthew Jefferson.⠀Pictured here above their ancestral fishing grounds, it was a tremendous honour getting to know him and their traditions. We drank from glaciers, shared tobacco, ate salmon from the river, and I’m very excited to put out our episode shortly!

Thank you for everything. ⠀

Neñustën! “Nen’you’sten.” ⠀

Until we meet again.

Pylon Radio Episode #11 – Jared Hardstaff

Bad lighting, great friends.

Huge thanks to my first guest co-host and very good friend, Jared Hardstaff! Jared is a Edmontonian western wanderer who happily appeared in my life several years ago, and has made it brighter ever since. We discussed the efficacy of finger condoms, the passing of the legendary Mr. Chi Pig, vegan taxidermy and the possibilities of Cascadia, all while taking turns playing music. Ran into some background audio issues during the first five minutes, but it is still quite listenable, and the rest is crystal clear. Hope you enjoy it!

Pylon Radio Episode #10


Hey all! Had to take a little break to focus near the end of semester, but Pylon Radio is BACK today with Episode #10. Had a really great time producing this one, and I hope you enjoy it. Wasn’t sure what to include as the cover for this episode, so please enjoy this photo of my garden!

Featuring new music by Paperwave.

Pylon Radio Episode #9



Hey all, little late getting this episode uploaded. As it was her birthday on the original day of broadcast, I dedicate this weeks episode to my beautiful and amazing girlfriend, Courtney Adams! If you ever doubted that the future is black/indigenous… please bow down to your future queen. Our spawn shall reign 10,000 years!

Photo credit to Madyson Adams.
Lots to talk about on this weeks episode, aka further rants on police violence ahoy!

Featuring new music by King Raam.

As mentioned in the episode, King Raam’s new podcast.

People calling into LAPD

The best call, by far.

Pylon Radio Episode #8

Hello everybody, after taking a week off we are BACK. Sooo… how’s everyone feeling about the impending revolution for global equity? Let me know in the comments. Lots to talk about this week. Featuring new music by Freelance Flint.

(Cover photo by Ruth Fremson, The New York Times)

Places you can donate:

Megadoc with links to bail funds for various cities:

The Black Resilience Fund:


Know Your Rights Camp:

Equal Justice Initiative:

Unicorn Riot:


Places to stream whats going on:

(Cover photo by Ruth Fremson, The New York Times)

Essays by Black Authors: