Pylon Radio Episode #11 – Jared Hardstaff

Bad lighting, great friends.

Huge thanks to my first guest co-host and very good friend, Jared Hardstaff! Jared is a Edmontonian western wanderer who happily appeared in my life several years ago, and has made it brighter ever since. We discussed the efficacy of finger condoms, the passing of the legendary Mr. Chi Pig, vegan taxidermy and the possibilities of Cascadia, all while taking turns playing music. Ran into some background audio issues during the first five minutes, but it is still quite listenable, and the rest is crystal clear. Hope you enjoy it!

Elsewhere Episode #4 – Rayanne Irving (Author / Trafficking Survivor)


Rayanne’s life has been one of a kind.

A series of events early on started her down a path which led to kidnapping, prostitution and an encounter with one of BC’s most notorious serial killers (which in all fairness, is just a small part of her very big story). She now spends her days counselling other survivors of trafficking, and educates people on the issues surrounding youth prostitution.

You can find more information on Rayanne’s work and organization at